• When is the best time to come and buy my child’s uniform?
  • The best time to visit our shop is early July. By then we have had the majority of our deliveries so everything will be in stock, and we are still fairly quiet so there won’t be much of a wait.

  • How much will a full uniform cost?
  • On average we say a uniform, including the PE kit, for a secondary school child would cost around the £150 mark, but it all depends on the child’s size and the school they attend. Larger sizes carry VAT and some schools have more uniform than others.

  • Do I have to order my child’s uniform in advance?
  • No, there is no need to order. We carry everything in stock, and you take your uniform away with you on the same day. Towards the end of the summer holidays we can sell out of some items so we strongly advise that you don’t leave it until late August/early September.

  • What if my child outgrows the uniform before they start school?
  • No problem at all, we are always happy to exchange items under these circumstances. Our usual exchange policy is 28 days, but during the summer holidays we extend this. So as long you return the item to us in the condition it was sold in, with all its tags and your receipt, then we will happily swap it for a larger size.