About us

About Us

Welcome to Lucilla’s, one of the leading suppliers of School and Dance wear in Redbridge and the surrounding areas.
Founded in the early 1960s we continue to supply the best in school uniform, from ‘off the peg’ items to specially made sizes.
As a Customer you can expect to receive a friendly, yet professional service, from our experienced staff. Our shop is equipped with air conditioning throughout, and separate changing rooms to try on your new uniform. We supply everything you need to start school, from your blazer to your stationery. All our items are made from quality materials that are designed to be hard wearing and value for money. Please see our list of Schools to see if we are your outfitter.
As a School we can supply you with a complete bespoke uniform and PE kit. Whether you need a simple polo shirt with an embroidered badge, or a more complex custom blazer with embroidery and braiding. Feel free to call us on 020 8554 5133 to discuss your uniform needs.

Spreading the Cost

Visiting Lucilla is easy and we strive to make it as stress free as possible, especially in the summer months when we are at our busiest.

We understand that buying school uniform can be an expensive experience, so to help ease the pain we stock both a Premium and Value blazer, for more information click here.
We also have a system where you can leave a 10% deposit on your uniform. The balance can be paid off at your leisure. Whether you do this on a weekly or monthly basis is up to you. When the balance is paid you can take your uniform home with you. Feel free to contact us for more information.